Adding Gifts Cards on the POS System

How do I activate and add money on to a gift card using the POS system?


It depends on the giftcard that you are using. At the moment, only RMS giftcards (also known as RMS vouchers) can be activated and created at the POS.

For other giftcards, I am afraid, at the moment, you can only get them active and credited by getting in touch with the provider of the giftcard.

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So since we go through mercurypay for our gift cards, I have to contact them everytime to get a gift card activated?


Yes indeed. That’s how it works with Mercury giftcards at the moment.

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Here’s how we implemented Mercury gift cards to sell through our webstore.

  1. Create items in RMS for the values you wish to sell. We created 5 and named them GC10, GC25, GC50, GC75, GC100. These correspond with the values $10, $25, $50, $75, $100.
  2. Make sure that you have Mercury’s gift card software installed on the POS computer that you use GWO on.
  3. When you process the order at the POS it will ask you to swipe the gift card when you go to the tender screen just as if you sold it in you bricks and mortar.
  4. One major caution, If someone orders multiples of the same gift card you will need to change the quantity of the item to 1 and add new items for each of the additional gift cards. Each card need to be on its own line to trigger the software correctly.

This only works for creating new cards. To add money to existing cards you’d have to do that through Virtual Terminal on Mercury’s web site.

I hope this helps,

Jim Kaufman

Hi Jim,

Thanks a lot for sharing your very informative experience with us.

Very much appreciated.


Realizing this is an old thread, I feel compelled to jump in regardless :smile:
Regarding Jim’s caution in point 4 - If you are getting the “Cannot set quantity purchased” message at the POS - you don’t have a field mapping for item type in Sync
Configuration->Field Mappings->Right Click on Item and choose add Field → Standard RMS Field then set Remote Field Name to product_type and Field Source to Item.ItemType

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Is it possible to purchase POS gift cards online?

Hi Naomi,

Do I understand correctly that you want to sell gift cards online? In this case, just create new items in your POS as ‘Voucher’ Item Type and set the price. Once they’re configured, you can mark them as WebItem=True in PAM and they will be available on your webstore. If you need assistance, do not hesitate to open ticket in our Nitrosell portal.