How do I change my prices to sale prices?

Was just wondering how I can add a sale discount on all my items?

Hi Michelle,

I’d suggest few solutions, all depends on your needs and preferences:

  • you can assign sale prices to particular items in PAM - you can read more about it here:
    Assigning Sale Prices Through PAM

  • you can also use WSM option - “Web Coupons” (under Marketing tab), which allows customers to receive discounts on what they order by entering a promotion coupon.

  • there’s also a ‘quantity discount’ option, which allows you to setup a pricing shedule, based on how many items customers buy - you can read about it here:
    Offering Microsoft RMS Discount Schemes on Your WebStore

I hope you’ll find this message helpful and you can use one of the solutions on your website.

Feel free to write here in case of other inquries.