Assigning Sale Prices Through PAM

I am trying to assign sale prices through PAM using the PAM_WebSalePrice attribute. Upon populating both the PAM_WebPrice and the PAM_WebSalePrice for the items I would like to put on sale the pricing is not being reflected on my website. I would like the original price to show with a strike through and then the sale price to show underneath on the product search page as well as the product page. I read KB Article #311 : Setting Up a One-Day Online Sale and followed those steps and still it is not working.

I’m having this same issue. Has anyone been able to resolve this for you?

Hi Don,

There are several steps to consider, in order for the sale price to get shown as described.

  1. Is Your CSS in order? Sometimes the prices get rendered incorrectly, or even invisible by wrong styling.
  2. Please check Your currency configuration (WSM → Payments → Currencies). You can specify there which fields are supposed to be shown.
  3. Finally, are Your field mappings working correctly? PAM_WebSalePrice, and PAM_WebPrice need to be mapped correctly to the appropriate fields in the Web Store’s database. Then, they need to be taken into account as described in step 2. Make sure, field mappings are configured correctly in Sync.

Should the above not cover Your issue, since many store owners require custom field mappings, please consider opening up a support ticket, so we can analyze Your particular situation.