How do I add content to my Home Page

NitroSell eCommerce provides you with three built-in pages (Home, Contact Us, and About Us), plus a page per department / category / subcategory / theme / brand in your RMS Store Operations database. You can also add your own custom pages. In addition, you can insert images to extend and enhance the user interface of your WebStore.

As a simple example, let’s assume that you want to add text and a graphic to your Home page. To do so, perform the following steps:

To edit the content on your Home page, in NSc WebStore Manager, under Design and Content, select Page Content. Select the Home page from the list.

When you add and edit pages, a built-in HTML editor is launched. Add the desired text (for example, This is my snowman:), then click and browse to the location of your image, for example: snowman.gif. Click Insert to insert the image on your page.

Click the save button. The text and image are then displayed on the Home page of your WebStore, for example:

Select make this change live to save the changes on your WebStore.