Store Content Pages on NitroSell Web Stores

Store Content on NitroSell Stores

Store content refers to content that you wish to have on your web store that isn’t generated automatically by the system. So if you wish to introduce a department with some text and images, this series of articles will describe how to do it.

Where can I do this?

The page that allows you to set up content on your store is found under WebStore Manager->Design & Content->Pages. This interface is divided up into tabs for each kind of content that you might want to create.

The Various Content Types

  • General Content Pages
  • Department Pages
  • Category Pages
  • Sub-Category Pages
  • Brand Pages
  • Theme Pages
  • Blog Pages
  • Store Pages * (this special case is only visible in certain situations)

Each tab lays out the possible pages that can be modified. So the department page lays out all your departments, the brand pages tab lays out all the brand you have. The two special cases are the content page and the blog tabs. These allow you to create new pages on your store.

Page Status

When you create a page it isn’t displayed until you choose to make it live. This way you can edit a page and keep tweaking it until you are happy with how it looks. When you are happy for your work of art to be made available you make it live. This option is always given to you after saving your page.

If a page becomes irrelevant (say your Summer Sale page) then you can switch it off until it is needed again next year.

The Content Editor

When you either create a new page or select and existing page to edit, an editor will display. In this you can enter the content you wish to add or edit. When you finish making your changes you must save the changes you have made - or all your hard work will be lost.