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How can I get "fade" transition working on carousel?

I am trying to get my home page carousel to “fade” between slides. the usual ones work (crossFade, backSlide, goDown, fadeUp)… but not “fade” which is supposed to be a default according to this site http://www.landmarkmlp.com/js-plugin/owl.carousel/demos/transitions.html

I basically want it to fade out current slide and fade in the next slide.
adding the word “fade” in the Transition Style option in carousel settings doesn’t work.
It causes the slides to just suddenly change to the next one, and then stop on the last one, never returning to the first slide.
Can someone please point me in the right direction?


I just checked on this option in our testing environment and there is indeed a problem with using just the fade option.

I’ll have to discuss it with rest of the team to make sure the problem might not be on our end.

I’ll definitely keep you updated in this thread on the situation.

Kind regards,

Thanks Kamil, look forward to the fix, every other transition option just feels very dated to me.

Hi Kamil, has there been any progress on the fade option being fixed? I’d really like to start using this.

Hi Django,

The version on the store currently (per the screenshot) only supports those 4 options – [crossFade, backSlide, goDown, fadeUp] – and, interestingly, the version you have linked does not support ‘crossFade’. Therefore, it seems ‘crossFade’ is the equivalent of ‘fade’ in the version provided on the webstore.

If they behave differently, the version you’re linking is possibly newer/different.

I suppose we could add a backlog item to update to a newer version of the plugin, but I’m not sure that I’d call it a bug as such.

What do you think?


Yes could you please update the plug-in to a newer version, Wouldn’t you want your platform to be running the latest anyway? That would be great

Sure, Django. @maciej.torbus, @franclin_foping could you add this to the backlog, please?

Any movement on this yet @maciej.torbus @franclin_foping ?

Hi Django, as usual there is a long queue for dev work and I’m afraid paid developments take priority over regular feature requests. Rest assured the dev team will provide an update here when it’s ready.

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Ok thanks Donogh :slight_smile:


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Hi guys, just wondering if theres any movement on this, or should I just assume it won’t happen for now?

@angelika.borucka can you confirm whether next gen carousels support this please?