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On a ticket I suggested the following as being a really useful addition, also just raising it here to get the request out there and see if any other interest:

To be able to change the order of the images in the carousel - at the moment we only seem to be able to add them at the end. This would enable us to measure the effectiveness of various slides being in position 1 in terms of bounce rates versus engagement. This would give us huge insight into making the best possible slides for our business.


Hi Emma

I agree, it is annoying when you are setting these up and at the end you realise you have missed one out and have to start again.


Completely agree!!! Please fix this!!

Until a fix is in place you should be able to accomplish this fairly easily by rearranging the order of the parent li or div element with jquery. I’m not familiar with the carousel html but something like below would move slide #5 to position 0. You’ll just need to substitute the selector to match your carousel id and the structure for the individual parent element.

$('#yourslider li:eq(4)').insertBefore('#yourslider li:eq(0)');

Hi everyone,

the ability to re-order slides is now in place. See this article.


Hi @james_mcging,

Great news, thanks so much.