Carousel automatically shows specific slides between set dates

We would like to be able to set up the home slider carousel with a Sale image and links whenever a Sales is on. However at the moment the slides go live once they are saved.

Would it be possible to have an additional two fields, from date and to date against a slide and only display the slide when it is within these dates. If the fields are left null then it would always display.

I think that this would be useful to many of us, most of the sale information and special pricing is currently set up in advance within RMS and PAM so to be able to set up the main banners on the website as well should make the whole process automatic.


have you got a free custom number field still? If so you could make rule based carousel which displayed when

Promotion = 1 AND
Custom number # = 1

To give you an idea I set up a new carousel on your responsive site called TimedPromotions. I haven’t added it to a template. The idea behind it is that you have a PAM field called displayNOW and map it to the custom number field in NscSync. You can then decide when to display the carousel with the displayNOW switch in PAM.

Cheaper than changing the code base :slight_smile:


Hi James

Many thanks for the response. I can see how that would work for a product populated carousel. However we wanted to have the main Home Page Slider to have a slide displayed for the sale, so that it would automatically be displayed between certain dates (which would be set up prior to the dates required), without having to manually set it up and remove it on the day.

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I opened a ticket with a quote for this feature,