Homepage revamp

I am unsure whether this should have been organised at the first stages of design but either way I would like them altered now.
My homepage is very bare, consisting of basically only the main slider and then what i can fit into the HTML box in the home page editing section.

-Is the homepage limited to this HTML box as I have inserted a carousel but it is squashed into the box.
-Can I add in boxes (containing images linking directly to a different section of teh website) and again do these have to fit into the HTML box.
-Can I add things into the footer of the homepage. Just basically some blurb.
-Can I make boring thing like the standard buttons look more interesting?

You obviously can do all of these things but where can I learn about them, and will it always involve entering code (such as an additional carousel) as this goes over my head.


Using the home page editing section would be easiest to add new elements in to the page but, sometimes changes have to include some additional action from our end.

  • It is possible to add also changes directly in to the page templates but, we urge to always consult our team before you begin applying changes there. Also it’s important to always download all the templates before we begin applying changes.
    We can help you with adding new carousel, just let us know where you would like to have it.

  • It’s possible to add the images that would link the user to additonal pages, it’s best to add those in edit section (html box). You just have to adjust a little elements in the “source” option of edit section.

  • It’s all based on what you’d like to add, how it should be styled etc.

  • Change of buttons styling is possible but, such change would most likely have to be applied in the stylesheet file.

Applying these changes will not always include some additional coding or adjustment of the code.

I have opened a new ticket on your behalf (166068), where you can provide us with all the information about changes you want to add.

It would be great if you could provide us with the mockup file.

Good place to learn more about it is our youtube channel, this one movie below is about Content Manager (html box):