FTP via Dreamweaver

So I am attempting to setup FTP connectivity via Dreamweaver CC. It supports secure FTP. I configured the FTP settings like I have for years (using the credentials/settings provided by Neil), but I am not able to connect.

FTP Hostname: ftpes://ftp.nitrosell.com
FTP Username: ws00XXXX
FTP Port (if required): 21

I have my FileZilla configured with the same settings and it connects fine. So, I researched the issue a little bit and discovered there are some limitations as to what Dreamweaver’s FTP can do…

Please note that the above refers to CS4/5, but I am running CC 2014.1

According to the information on the following page, I should theoretically be able to connect as Adobe has updated Dreamweaver’s FTP since the above link was published…


So, based on the information provided in the links above, is there any reason I should not be able to connect to our FTP using Dreamweaver? It would save me time to be able to utilize the built-in FTP…

Figured it out. Needed to change ‘Authentication’ to ‘None’…