Editing the customer list in Nitrosell

Hi there,

I am new to Nitrosell and am working to setup a new newsletter with Constant Contact. We previously had a link to Mailchimp which has now been disabled.

The problem I have now is that the customer list in Nitrosell contains thousands of fake customers that need to be removed. Is there an efficient way to modify the list? I have downloaded the list to a CSV file and tidied that up, but I do not see where/how to reload the revised list. I have attempted to modify the list in Nitrosell, but bulk deletion does not appear to be an option and the number of records to be removed would take far too long to manage by this means.

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Sandra Dunkin

Hi Sandra,

Yes. It would be a matter of using that “cleaned” CSV to import/create a new list on MailChimp.

Then, if you’re happy with it, delete the old list, and rename the new one to use the same name.

You can find MailChimp instructions on import here: Import Contacts to Mailchimp | Mailchimp

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Hi Donogh,

Thanks for the prompt response.

I am OK with creating the list within Constant Contact, but I am concerned about the proliferation of ‘fake’ customer records within Nitrosell migrating over once the link to Constant Contact is established. You mention deleting the old list and renaming the new one to the same name - I’m not sure what exactly you mean or how this is accomplished?

We are aiming to create a single authoritative list in Nitrosell to start fresh with Constant Contact and to ensure both lists remain clean of the ‘fake’ accounts.

Thanks again,

Hi Sandra,

The customer list comes from your point of sale, not from the webstore – that is the master source of data.

Where fake accounts have been created, we can certainly delete them from your webstore. However, we have no way of doing a ‘bulk delete’ of records on your MailChimp account. That’s why I suggested this approach.

Unfortunately, to get help on how to administer MailChimp itself, your request would have to go to their support team. We can obviously help with other aspects around maintaining your customer list and reducing fake account creation.

In general, the best way to prevent fake accounts is to enable reCAPTCHA on the checkout and registration forms, to make it harder for people to sign accounts up in bulk. Unfortunately, it is not a flawless approach.

Given that we are getting into specifics about your store, and that this is a public forum (accessible by anyone on the web), I would suggest opening a ticket on the portal so the support team can assist further.

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