Adding External Links Your WebStore Page Content

Custom content pages enable you to manage content from within the WebStore. You can also add additional navigation tabs and link them to a specified URL. These types of pages are referred to as “external links” and they can be useful if you wish to integrate your WebStore with pages that reside outside your WebStore.

For example, to add an externally linked page to your list of content pages, perform the following steps:

From the WebStore Manager navigation menu, under Management, select Page Content. The Page Content Management page is displayed.

Select Add a New Page.

From the Page Type pull-down list, select External Link.

Enter the name of the page in the Page Title field. This name will be displayed as the tab text on your WebStore page. Enter the target URL for the tab in the Link URL field.

Click Save. To cancel adding the new external link, click Cancel. To delete an existing external link, click Delete.