Displaying PAM Promotional Items on Separate Pages


Is it possible to show items tagged as follows on a tabbed page instead of within a panel, as they are currently displayed?



Yes, you can add new external pages to your WebStore. To do so, perform the following steps:

  1. In WebStore Manager, under Management, select Page Content.

  2. Select add a new page or external link.

  3. For Page Type, select External Link.

  4. For Page Title, specify the appropriate title for the type of page your are adding, for example, “Special Offers”.

  5. For Link URL, enter an address as shown below, substituting your WebStore’s address as appropriate:

    For PAM_Promotion: http://www.webstore.com/store/more.asp?page=promotion

    For PAM_SpecialOffer: http://www.webstore.com/store/more.asp?page=specials

    For PAM_NewProduct: http://www.webStore.com/store/more.asp?page=whatsnew

  6. Click Save. The tabbed page is now visible on your WebStore.

You can also remove existing panels, as required. For instructions on doing so, refer to Hiding Panels on Your WebStore Pages.

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To generate a listing of Promotional Items using the product listing template, append the following to your WebStore URL: