CRE Fields For New Nitrosell Orders


I need to find out which tables and fields are responsible (store data) in CRE for the Nitrosell Pending Orders that have been downloaded for processing.


Hi Kirill,

All orders are stored in the Exchange table before and after processing, what only changes is their status.

Is there any specific reason why you’re asking?

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Hi Kirill,

Everything we provide to CRE is fully contained in the Exchange table. Beyond that, it’s handled entirely by CRE’s internal code and process, which we had no involvement in creating, and for which we don’t have source code access.

With regards to the Exchange table, the main part is the data field, which contains an XML blob with all the order data.

If you require developer support, that would be a paid service. However, whether we can help depends on your objectives. If you’re interested, please open a ticket.

(Incidentally, it’s much easier to make changes to web order processing on Retail Management Hero because it has a full developer SDK that we used to create GWO. You could also code your own modules with their SDK. CRE is very much “closed source” and provides no such mechanism. This is why we’re limited in how we can interact with it — it’s easy to pull data out but the web order process is set in stone because Heartland are no longer providing updates.)


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Hi Kamil,

The issue is we have a bunch of orders in Pending status in CRE which were fulfilled one way on another. I would like to clear them out by changing the status.



Hi Kirill,

It’s possible to change the order status manually.

Still, It would be best to open a ticket for that.

Our team will provide you with all the technical details.

I would like to avoid providing here on forum information about applying changes directly in to the database as it’s easy to do some damage that might be hard to restore.

Kind regards,