Customer Account Updates for CRE

Currently, if you use PC America’s Cash Register Express (CRE) with NitroSell, there is no way to receive updated customer account information unless the customer places an order. We use our CRE customer database to send out mailers and would like our database to be as accurate as possible. Therefore I would like our customers, even those that don’t currently shop online, to be able to update their account information online.

I have requested a quote from NitroSell to update PAM so that it checks for changes in online account information and updates CRE anytime there are changes. They quoted me $5,000 for development and testing.

I was curious if there are any other CRE users out there that would like to see this enhancement be developed and would be willing to help split the cost of development?

As an addendum to this: it would also work with RMS and RMH, and it would cover the update of existing records in the POS; customers newly registering on the web would still need to have a web order processed before appearing in the POS.