CDN Overloaded Still?

Is the CDN still overloaded? I have not been able to see changes in my stylesheets or js files for awhile now. It is causing major issues for me and our development progress.

@donogh - You mentioned a client was updating a bunch of images earlier… Is this still underway? I have to be able to work on our site :frowning:

Hi Derek,

It should be okay by now.

@jbw would you mind taking a look at this as soon as you get a chance, please?


@donogh Yeah, I have been making changes for at least the last hour, and none are visible. Clearing my cache is not working. I have pushed and then pulled the files in question to the server, and the changes are present in the file, but the changes those files should be making to our site are not applying. Exactly like the issue I was having earlier today.

The servers have neutralized my efforts and thwarted me once again. Yeah, please check this out and get me up and running again! Thanks!

Sorry to hear that Derek. Given the time of day on a Friday, being honest, a resolution isn’t likely until tomorrow. Please bear with us.

It appears everything is operating normally at this time. One tip which may be useful is that if you login to the WSM then stylesheets won’t be served via the CDN so you should be able to work on your changes even if the CDN wasn’t updating immediately.


So I let it sort itself out over the weekend, and I still am receiving an old version of my files when I view the site. My stylesheets are functioning okay, but my .JS files are still being served as a previous version.

I didn’t seem to have this issue until recently. Before, I could make changes, and they would become immediately viewable. But the site refuses to serve up the updated .JS files…

I cleared my cache again multiple times. I am logged into the WebStore Manager. The stylesheets and javascript files that are being edited are not provided by the designers. I created them with unique filenames and their own directories. Not sure if this matters, but just in case it does.

I really need to be able to preview these updates, because I am not able to get any answers to my NitroScript questions, so things like dishing out additional view URLs are done by these scripts, and I need to be able to see if I am getting the updates right. Can you please help me out with this?

The file that is being served to me is at least a few days old. Does the CDN not check for updates on the FTP server I am uploading to? Is there some leveraged caching issue? Anything???

Hi Derek

Thanks for coming back to me. We’ve received some other reports which helped us track down an issue to a single server in our cluster which was experiencing problems synchronizing data with the other machines.

This issue should have been flagged in our monitoring systems but unfortunately due to the nature of the issue everything was being reported as functioning OK - we have since updated our systems to flag this fault should it occur in the future.

The good news is that the issue has now been resolved - can you confirm everything is working OK on your end again? Any changes which have been ‘stuck’ should already be updated at this point.

Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused. Let me know if you experience any further issues.



Thank you for looking into this. I can confirm that the changes I have made are being served up now. I will make some additional changes and report back if anything further arises with this. Glad to hear I am not crazy lol.

So it seems like everything is working properly now. I am now seeing the changes immediately… Thanks again!