Amazon 103. Getting Your MWS Credentials

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NitroSell needs you to input your Amazon MWS credentials into the WebStore Manager (WSM) so that we can communicate with Amazon on your behalf.

  1. You can request your MWS credentials here.

  2. Click on the yellow button on the right ‘Sign up for MWS’

  3. Click the ‘I want to access my own Amazon seller account with MWS’;

  4. Click the Next button;

  5. Accept the Agreement;

  6. Print out the resultant page and record your Merchant ID and Marketplace ID;

The codes under the black lines will be specific to you. Copy them across to the WSM credential page and print this page for your records. Amazon will not email this page to you but if you lose it you can go through the process again and will be given the same credentials.