Amazon Mapping: Limit Field Size

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Mapping To Limit Field Size

You web store is a lot more flexible that Amazon. Occasionally you will get a 5000 error from Amazon indicating that you have tried to feed too much to Amazon and they are now rejecting your feed.

The simplest way of resolving this is to limit the size of the data you are pushing to Amazon at NscSync. The MSSQL command substring is your friend if you don’t have the time to go through all your extended descriptions making sure that none of them are over 2000 characters in length.


  • LOCAL_FIELD_NAME is the name of the field you are pulling the data from. In RMS this might be item.ExtendedDescription for the description of your products, in CRE this might be Inventory_AdditionalInfo.ExtendedDescription for the same field.
  • START_POSITION will generally be 0 (the start of your data)
  • END_POSITION will be the maximum length of the data that Amazon allows. You can find this out for each field by looking at the fields data mapping where is is entered as a restriction as shown on the image below.


It should be noted that this approach is a bit brutal in approach and will cause your data to be truncated at the limit you impose regardless of whether the sentence is complete or even if a word is complete. There is no substitute for having a person go through your fields and ensuring that they are the correct length.

Sample Mapping for description field in RMS

substring(item.ExtendedDescription, 0 , 1999)

Sample Mapping for description field in CRE

substring(Inventory_AdditionalInfo.ExtendedDescription, 0 , 1999)