Amazon 504. Amazon Error Messages and What They Mean

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Error 8560
SKU ########, Missing Attributes standard_product_id,missing_keyset_reason. SKU ###### does not match any ASIN. Creation of a new ASIN requires the following missing attributes: standard_product_id,missing_keyset_reason. Feed ID: 0. For details, see Amazon Sign In

This message at first appears to mean that Amazon can’t find the product in their catalogue but will create it if certain attributes are supplied. However its real meaning is that the EAN provided is incorrect. Similar to credit cards, the last number an EAN is a check number that acts as a safety mechanism. A calculation is done on the other 12 numbers. This defines what the last number should be. This message is Amazon’s way of telling you that your EAN is incorrect.

Error 5000
XML Parsing Error at Line 1041, Column 2276: cvc-maxLength-valid: Value '…
This message is letting you know that you have entered too many characters into a field.
The solution is to modify your mapping that feed to that field limiting the amount of characters accepted to the maximum length of the field in question. You can find the maximum length of a field in the data mappings page where it is displayed as a restriction.

The mapping should include something like this:
SUBSTRING ( FIELDNAME, 0 , length_of_field_eg_2000 )

Error 5000
Value ‘-5’ is not facet-valid with respect to minInclusive ‘0’ for type ‘nonNegativeInteger’.

This error can occur when you send Amazon an Inventory feed with a negative quantity for a product. Amazon, unlike your fancy POS system, can’t handle negative stock levels. If Amazon is fed a quantity less than 0 then it simply breaks the feed. This is bad as Amazon no longer knows what your stock level is for that product and, if Amazon thinks that product still has stock, will keep selling it!

The easiest way of having your Amazon account cancelled is to cancel too many orders. As such it is important to keep your Amazon stock levels up to date.

The simplest way to get over this issue is to enter the following mapping into the NscSync field that you use for your Amazon stock level.

case when (quantity-quantitycommitted < 0) then 0 else (quantity-quantitycommitted) end

This mapping will send Amazon your current stock level unless that is less than 0 in which case it tells Amazon that you have 0 items left.