All templates are downloadable but is there an easy upload option?


I’m wondering if there’s perhaps a hidden feature that would allow me to easily upload templates from my staging server across to our live server?

Having to do this manually seems like an unnecessary evil which will only increase the downtime required to roll our planned changes forward. As it is scripting calls to content pages need to be manually changed as they’re not always a match for one another across the two domains.

Not to sidetrack from the question but it would be a nice little feature if we had the ability to create a meaningful alias for our content pages that are able to be referenced with Nitroscript i.e. ‘content-privacy’ rather than having to refer to ‘content-615’ etc.

Hi Andy,

At the moment we don’t have this feature but it is a great idea and we have added to the Roadmap.
If we understood you correctly you would like to be able to download and upload templates from one store to another. We will encrypt the information so there will no possibility to modify them. Does this suit you?

Best regards,

Hi Belen,

Thanks for the update. I’m sure any improvement you make in this regard will be well received as I’m sure I’m not the only customer that’s experienced this frustration when needing to update the entire website, or make significant changes.

In a typical web hosting environment, as I’m sure you know, you could complete this process in a matter of minutes by replacing the files via FTP. The current process will likely take hours and very much leaves the door open for mistakes to occur whilst manually copying the new code for each template/panel one page at a time.

Also as I mentioned, the assignment of content page numbers rather than a meaningful name (which could be the same across live/staging servers) creates another layer of annoyance as it means you can’t just copy and paste without having to then re-edit the code to reassign some of the page-property values called by Nitroscript for content pages.

P.S. I’m also puzzled why there isn’t a ‘down for maintenance’ page or option to prevent access to the website whilst these manual page updates are taking place? Sure the checkout can be disabled but it doesn’t address the problem of having customers accessing content that isn’t functioning correctly. If you’re keen to make an easy and overdue improvement, I would start with this.


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