Add-ons 203. Editing Discounts

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Editing Discounts

To edit discount(s) assigned to add-on(s), follow these steps:

  1. Choose the add-on(s) you want to edit discount(s) for:
  • To edit a single add-on, click on the “Edit” button in the row dedicated to this add-on:

  • For several add-on(s) check the checkboxes to the left of the add-on thumbnail image and click on the “Edit Discounts” button above the headings:

  • For all add-ons check the checkbox on the left side of the heading and click on the “Edit Discounts” button:

  1. In the “Edit discount” window that opens, select:
  • Discount type:

    You can choose following options from the dropdown list:

    • Percentage Off: a given percentage will be deducted from the add-on price;
    • Amount Off: a given amount will be deducted from the add-on price;
    • None: the add-on will not be discounted.
  • Discount value:

    Write the number that will be deducted from the price. You need not enter the percentage symbol, or any currency symbol.

    After filling in the information, click on the “Update” button:


    If you chose several or all add-ons in the previous step, the discount will be applied to all of them.