Add-ons 202. Removing Add-ons

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Removing Add-ons

To remove add-ons, follow these steps:

  1. In the Add-ons section of the Product Details page choose the add-on(s) you want to remove by:
  • Selecting one or several add-ons by checking the checkbox(es) to the left of the add-on thumbnail image:

  • Choosing all add-ons by checking the checkbox on the left side of the heading:

  1. Click on the “Remove Add-Ons” button in the upper left corner of the Add-ons section:

  2. In the “Remove Assignment(s)” window that opens, click on the “Remove” button:


    Before completing this step be sure that you want to remove the add-on(s). Once you remove them, you cannot reverse the operation, and you will have to follow the ‘add’ process again. If in doubt, click on the “Cancel” button.