Add-ons 101. Introduction to Add-ons

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Please note: these features were funded by Conn’s Cameras, and they have graciously agreed for them to be released generally and to be used by non-competing sites.

Introduction to Add-ons

Add-ons is a new WebStore Manager feature that enables you to offer add-ons – items related to a product that can be sold with or without promotion – for a given product on the product page:


The Add-ons panel is customizable - it can be placed anywhere on the product page and styled according to your needs using our template editor.

You can choose to provide discounts for add-ons if the shopper buys them together with the main product. By offering a discount, you increase the likelihood of shoppers choosing complementary products.

They can go to the add-on product page by clicking on the add-on name, or buy the add-on without being redirected by clicking on the “Add to Cart” button.

Savings will be displayed in the Shopping Cart:

To add, remove, and modify add-ons assigned to a product, go to the Product Details page in your Webstore Manager by following the steps in the All Products article.

Add-ons is located under the Accessories section on the Product Details page: