Metrics on Abandoned Cart Emails

It would be really useful to have some sort of metrics/tracking around open rates and conversation rates from Abandoned Cart emails sent from the platform.

Has this been considered at all?


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Hi Andy,

We have had a request for a management and reporting interface for abandoned cart emails. There is no reason why that couldn’t include tracking options.

We can certainly see the value in it, and it is on our suggestion list.

Our current main priority is eBay, which we hope to release to alpha at the end of March / early April.

After that, we may revisit subscriptions and recurring payments. We have quite a few stores interested now, and perhaps we can arrange to split the cost between them (yourselves included, hopefully?!).

Kind regards,

No problem Donogh. I just thought I would raise it as it may not have been something which has been raised before.

Thanks Andy, it’s a good suggestion

Was this ever progressed to a release?

Hi Gareth,

Subscriptions/recurring orders are in progress as a custom development for Andy, but the abandoned cart improvements haven’t bubbled up from the suggestion list.

Lately, when it comes to big features we’re focused almost entirely on paid development. The rest of the software engineering team’s time is spent dealing with ticket escalations/bugs.

On the plus side, we have additional developers starting in December – 2 full-time and 1 part-time. One of them is a returning employee, and the other two should be able to start making meaningful contributions within 3-6 months.

Our new technical writer, Niamh, is making really good progress, too, and we’ll be rolling out a dedicated knowledge base site in Q1/Q2 (and gradually migrating articles from here and refreshing them).


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