104 Form Builder: The Edit Field Tab

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104 The Edit Field Tab

When you click on one of your fields in the form preview panel, the left hand side of the page will display the Edit Field Tab. This tab allows you to customize the field selected.

The Edit Field Tab varies for each field type but they all hold the same structure whereby they are divided into Basic Field Controls and Advanced Field Controls. Each field also has a Delete Field button associated with it.

Basic Field Controls

These relate to the field attributes that you will certainly want to edit. At a minimum: the field name and the label you want displayed with the field. Where the field is a select (drop down menu) or radio field then this additional controls are added allowing you to populate your menu or radio buttons.

Advanced Field Controls

Advanced field controls group together the less often used attributes that can be associated with a field such as data attributes, classes, a pattern (for validation) whether the field is read only.