Using Department Grouping in the Navigation

At the moment we have a couple of website sections which are composed of a number of RMH Departments nested under a static page. We set things up this way when migrating to Nitrosell last year because it generally suits us to mirror the store Dept/Cat structure onto the website, but that would leave us far many top-level navigation items (merging the departments in RMH doesn’t make sense for stock management purposes).

Is anyone using “Department Grouping” at the moment, and how does it manifest in your navigation structure?

Hi Gareth,

I’m not sure if department grouping would necessarily work in your case. When that feature was created it was mainly aimed at our previous generation of templates that didn’t have a menu builder. Since you employ many static settings mixed with parts of dynamic navigation I don’t think it would give you the same benefit.

What I think might work for you is to create text titles in the menu that could be used for grouping purposes.



Thanks for the quick response Peter,
We use text titles in a couple of places - the big disadvantage there is the lack of a matching landing page. In their place we are using content pages as the “super category” holder, but the layout (with buttons for the departments/categories housed within) has been impossible to properly replicate in plain html.

I had hoped using Department Grouping might bring some of that functionality ‘pre baked’, but sounds like we’ll have to use custom menus and dig into the templates for proper placement.