Side Menus on Department Pages

Is there currently a way to have department-specific side menus? I’d like to have a side menu with just the products under that department, but when I try to add a menu into the content for the department pages it doesn’t work.

Hi Naomi,

Would you be able to give me an example or perhaps a draft of what the end result should look like? Many of the elements of the templates can be moved around and with appropriate styling we can adjust them to fit your goal. In some cases this might require a custom development but I would need to have some more information.



Hi Peter,

On, there’s a side menu just for the products in the men’s department. I’d like to see if that’s something we can do with Nitrosell. I know the menu can be created, I’m just lost on how to get it to apply to a department page and the category pages within that department.