Trustev - Fraud Prevention Solution

We are delighted to announce the integration of NitroSell eCommerce and Trustev.

Trustev’s solution is focused on reducing the cost burden of fraud on your business, the cost of policing fraud and also maximizing revenue opportunities.

Using the latest technologies in identity verification, Trustev’s award winning fraud platform looks at the technical information behind every transaction on your ecommerce site and delivers you a score in real time, allowing you to make an informed decision on whether or not to proceed with a transaction.

Integrating Trustev’s fraud protection features into your NitroSell account couldn’t be easier:

  • Sign-Up: To activate Trustev on your NitroSell webstore the first step is to go to their site: Once you have signed up you will be given access details, via email to Reliance, Trustev’s Dashboard.
  • Add a Site: In order to get your API Keys, you will need to add a site. To do this select the add a site tab in the main Reliance Dashboard. You will be asked for your site name and URL here as well as being asked if your site is PCI compliant. Since you’re using NitroSell your site will so simply check this box. Once you have entered the details and you are happy with our terms and conditions, please select the Add Site Button and your site will be added.
  • Validate your Account: Log-in to Reliance and select the validate tab. In here you will be asked for your Merchant Details and also your card details. Select verify once you have finished and your account should now be validated.
  • Get Your Keys: To get your API Keys simply select the view API Keys tab. In here you should see the site that you added earlier. Select the Live Credentials tab and in here you will see the Live API Keys. These are needed to activate Trustev in NitroSell.
  • Enter your API Keys: To activate Trustev on the NitroSell Webstore Manager go to Payments → Risk/Fraud. In here you can select Trustev and select the configure button. You will then be asked for your API Keys. Simply copy these from Reliance.

Once that you have your API keys go to your WebStore Manager (WSM) choose the Payments tab and click ‘Risk/Fraud’. There select Trustev and activate it.

Copy the keys from Reliance and choose the minimum passable transaction score. Trustev looks at a whole variety of technical information about every transaction from the moment your customer arrives on your web store. Each of these elements is analysed and individually scored. Their fraud algorithms then analyse the scores and for your convenience aggregate them into a single score. Any transaction with a score that fails to make your designated threshold will be flagged and held in the WSM for approval or rejecting.

The lower the score on a transaction, the less information that Trustev has been able to verify about the individual making the transaction. A very low score (below 30) almost certainly indicates some attempt by the user to obfuscate their identity making the reality that you’ll successfully complete a transaction with that individual and avoid a chargeback unlikely.

Be aware that the orders are stopped after the customer has already paid, so if you accept the order the transaction will follow the normal payment flow but if you decide to cancel it then you should release the authorization (in case you have delayed capture enabled) or refund the transaction.

When a order is hold because the score is under the threshold we send an email to the customer to let him know that the order is being held and another email is sent when the order is approved or cancelled.

This emails can be customized in the WSM under the tab ‘Design & Content’ → ‘Edit Templates’ → ‘Emails’

The three emails are called: Risk Review Notification Email, Risk Approval Email and Risk Cancellation Email.