Trustev upgrade

We are glad to announce that we have released the new Trustev integration based on their API 2.0

You'll notice that our Trustev interface in the WSM has changed to accomodate this modifications.
The biggest difference is that Trustev will now return a decision base on the score. It will consider the transaction as a ‘FAIL’ if the score is OVER the threshold, which means that the transaction contains a number of fraudulent features. It will consider the transaction as a ‘FLAG’ if it contains elements for suspicion and it will 'PASS' it if the score is UNDER the threshold (no suspicious indicators). We tried to give as much flexibility as possible in our interface so retailers can choose which transactions they wish to review.

The simplest and recommended system is to only review transactions that have failed or are flagged. To use this option unchecked ‘Use score’ and ‘Use Confidence’ and checked ‘Review transactions that contain a number of fraudulent features (FAIL)’ and ‘Review transactions that contain elements for suspicion (FLAG)’

It is possible to review transactions where the confidence is under a threshold. For example, you could review all the transactions which confidence is under 20 or all the transactions which score is over a threshold.

Retailers can use the old credentials with the new API but to see the transactions they will need to log here.
You can read more information about our integration here and about Trustev here.