Support for Revolut Payment Gateway?

I’m just wondering if there has been any thoughts yet about adding support for the new Revolut Gateway?

We don’t currently use their services, but have been considering it as an additional way for customers to pay us (because of the ease of doing transfers from the App), and they seem to be offering very attractive rates on card processing too - Pricing & Fees - Low Industry-Leading Rates | Revolut | Revolut (newly launched service in the last week).

Hi Gareth,

Looks like a nice platform! I’m afraid we never really speculatively do new payment integrations. We have over 60 and they all require regular updates and refinements. The cost to us upfront is quite high, plus it adds technical debt in terms of maintenance.

If other retailers are interested in this gateway, we could split the dev cost. Typically, for a new payment provider it’s 3-5 days’ development, depending on exactly what needs to be supported.

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P.S. You can get better rates from Stripe if you negotiate. We have a high volume UK retailer who was offered 0.7%. We pay 1.1% on our own payments. (For EU/UK payments – US payments are way more expensive.)

By the way, happy to help you negotiate rates with Stripe! Ciara used to work for them!

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Thanks @donogh, I was just sending up a kite really!

Actively considering a move to Stripe though, so will certainly be in touch if we go ahead :smiley:


No worries, always happy to hear suggestions! :slight_smile:

That’s great! @ciara.larkin would be happy to help!


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