Apple Pay & Google Pay

Team, is there any plan to enable the Apple Pay & Google Pay on Mobiles/Tablets? Lot of users have been enquiring about this.
We are currently set up with 404 | for our processing and they support both.
How can we make better use of them?

Hi Srinivas,

We currently only support Apple and Google Pay on Stripe, and have no plans to add support to other gateways.

You can also enabled saved cards (tokenisation) on Stripe, and it comes with advanced anti-fraud protection in the form of their Radar service.

Sign up is very quick — there is no need for a merchant account, they deposit payouts directly to a checking account — and it only takes a couple of clicks to enable on NitroSell. It’s currently on the beta and alpha versions.

As a further endorsement, NitroSell does all of its own payment processing with Stripe.

Let us know if you need assistance in setting it up.