Sorting Picklists

Is it possible to sort the items by look up code before I print the picklist?

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Hi Jim,

We don’t offer customization for picklists right now but we can certainly look into it.

@jbw: any idea how long this might take please?


1-2 hours. What picklist are you talking about? the thermal one or the A4 one? or both? :smile:

Thanks Jer! @jim, do you mean the receipt-based picklist or the full page one, please?

The thermal one. Being able to sort by look up code would greatly speed up pulling larger orders

Okay Jim, makes sense. I will message you with the quote. If you accept, we can get it scheduled.

Kind regards,

Hey @jbw,

Jim has agreed to go ahead. If you could add it to your list that’d be great, please.



The thermal picklist now sorts by ItemLookupCode by default. This is available in GWO v2.1.42 build 1370:

You can change what field is used to sort, for example to sort by Description instead:

insert into nitrosell_gwosettings ([key],[value]) values ('PickListSortField', 'Description');

It should be noted that the field name to sort by is case sensitive and must match a child <Item> node in the WebOrder XML.


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Thanks Jer!

@jim invoice #00391302 has been created to cover this customization.

Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.