Dynamic sorting on the product listing pages

We have noticed today that the product listings were being sorted by description rather than by Item Lookup Code as we have in the default settings.
We’ve just noticed that you can click on the description or price to sort items, but once done this you cannot get back to sorting by Code.
I have tried unchecking the dynamic sorting option, which removes the clickable sorting option, but it does not revert the sorting back to default, it has kept it sorted by description and i cannot see any way to return to this.
Is there a way to reset it? I can see that the item lookup code is coded to the description in the header template, it is possible to have the code as a separate column so we can sort by that option too? There seems to be lots of options under the dynamic sorting, but only decription and price columns are shown in the webstore.
Any help gratefully received,

Hi Naomi,

You can certainly revert the templates to their defaults but it’s probably better that we assist you in getting this specific functionality working again. Could you please open a ticket so the support team can help directly?

Kind regards,

Ok I have done this, thanks

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