Measuring promotional code useage in RMS

We recently ran a promotion on the webstore with a 10% off code. Several transactions used the promotion but the trouble is we seem to have no record in the RMS transactions that a discount was applied.

Manually at the POS, we wouldn’t be able to discount without giving a reason code - and we really need that with web order discounts so we can look back and understand why a certain price was charged.

We get repeat orders where customers expect to pay the same price as they’ve paid previously yet how are we to know that a web discount was used? Its dangerous (and also makes it hard to gather metrics).

Is this something I can configure so it drops in with a default discount reason code?


I believe there’s an answer to your question within the following guide Emma. I’d be interested to know how you get on as this is something we would also like change but have put off for some time.

Thanks Andy,
Interestingly, the 2 methods described in that post match don’t seem to match what actually happens on our store - the percentage discount of the promo code was spread evenly across the products on an order - perfect. We wouldn’t want either of the methods described because that would make giving partial refunds really dodgy. Anyway I have added the discount reason WEBPROMO and we will see if that works.
Thanks for your help,