Removing stock with '0' quantity but keeping 'Coming Soon' stock active


On our website we have products that are coming soon, so at present the quantity is zero. We also have items that we have run out of, this may be just for a few days or permanently, these too have quantities of zero.

Is there a way that we can keep the items that are coming soon, without any quantity on the website, and automatically remove those that have run out of stock? When those items that have run out of stock come back into stock we’d like those to reappear on the website.


Hi Dan,

This can be achieved by adding a new boolean PAM field called, say, ComingSoon. For those items that are out of stock and need to remain on the web site, this should be set to true.

You then need to alter the filter on the Item table in Sync. To do so, go into Field Mappings, right-click the Item table and choose Properties…. The default Filter Clause is:

webitem=1 AND inactive=0

It should be changed to the following:

webitem=1 AND inactive=0 AND (quantity-quantitycommitted > 0 OR ComingSoon=1)

Please let us know if you’d like assistance in deploying this change.