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Non-Inventory Item Type

We have some items that are manufactured as needed and we do not want to skew the inventory with having to keep them “in stock” when they sell. Dynamics has the ability to create a “Non-Inventory” item type but we are not getting it to appear on the website. Is this possible and if so, what are we missing?

Hi Brian,

non-inventory items won’t show-up on the website, unless you implement a Spoof Stock feature to manage such products.

You may find detailed information here:

Let me know please in case of questions!
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I remember a global field source that would enable 1+ stock on every item in inventory, not just the non-inventory items. We only carry around 4,000 regularly stocked items, but over 10,000 from various manufactures available for same day drop ship. Also, stock is not reflected when items are broken down parent/child, I’m showing “0” stock for a gallon of cleaner even though there is a case in stock.

I’m unable to find the product_stock field mapping that would enable all inventory items to show stock.


Hi Jimmy,

Perhaps a spoof stock would be a solution for you? We would add a PAM field for you so you can mark which items it would apply to and a set value would be displayed on the store.

If this is something that would work for you please open a ticket on our portal and we will assist you with mappings/fields.


We use the method @peter_szczepanowski is suggesting, with a PAM column for “Spoof Stock” values, to great effect for items which can be split out from bulk cases or other kits. It is very simple to manage once set up.

Obviously everyone’s requirements are different, but we configured the field-map logic to ignore the field if blank, show the product ‘out of stock’ if zero, or use the entered quantity as a minimum quantity to show as being in stock if the value is greater than zero.

Regards, Gareth

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Thank for the quick reply guys.

I’ve seen the spoof stock work around, but wasn’t looking forward to applying a field marking for over 10,000 items in PAM. I worked with Vito, some years ago, on a field source that would do the same thing for every item listed as “0” stock. But if the logic has changed, then my choices are limited.

Also, would using spoof stock values eliminate Google images showing my items as “out of stock” on the data feed?


Hi Jimmy,

We can create a mapping like you mention, but please be aware that this would essentially turn all your items to appear as ‘in-stock’. Perhaps the best way to tackle this would be to pop in a ticket to the support team.

Spoof stock values would cause the items to display as in stock so Google should pick this up during their crawl.


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Mapping information to website properties in NSc Sync is done via SQL sub-statements, so the possibilities are really only limited by the database structure of your POS (we use RMH, which is really well laid out for complex queries!).

If you don’t want to manage the spoof stock manually then you could automatically add quantity to products based on any other information held in the database (eg in RMS / RMH you could use supplier name to add stock where you know it can be drop-shipped).

Alternatively if you want to show more than just ‘In Stock’ / ‘Out of Stock’ on the product page you could designate one of the CustomTextField variables for the message, and have it override the default text either whenever it contains text or only if the product is instock / is out of stock. This field could then be filled manually from a column in PAM or automatically in the field mapping dependent on some other data in the POS database.

We use all the above to varying degrees on our site.

Regards, Gareth