Public Changelog

Hi again,

I am wondering, is there a NitroSell changelog? In-house, we use git, and take extreme care to ensure that each and every minor alteration in our source is documented. I do my best to pull templates from our WebStore (which are also saved via Git in a local<>Private GitHub repo). This type of archiving is tedious and not precise. Any source control that we use is rendered useless if I don’t have saves of changes made on NitroSell’s end.

In addition to the above, just simply knowing when something changes helps me be proactive about updating our integrated code compatible with the framework…

Thanks dudes!

For a changelog, please see the release notes on the NitroSell Partner Portal [under Resources, Downloads ]

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Hi @brian_twomey,

Thanks for that - when I follow the link I only get a changelog for client side applications - PAM, GWO, Sync etc.
Visibility of the changelog for server side stuff is what would be really useful - sometimes behaviour changes on our website and sometimes things break on our website because of changes that you guys do - but I only find out by randomly stumbling on them. As @derek1 says, it would be so much better to be proactive in testing that my site remains compatible with your developments. I appreciate you guys can’t test your changes on every customers website but being “blind” to what you are doing means I can’t test my site either.


I understand that one of our developers, @brendan is preparing a document based on the distributed version control system used within NitroSell (Git) This document will be maintained and made available via the NitroSell Forum.

That is outstanding news! I’m glad to hear something may be coming our way!