No Index, No Follow on Search Pages

We have some duplicate content issues as a result of keyword search results being indexed and would like to place a no index, no follow on our search page. Making things a little more difficult is that the branded pages are also based on the search page and need to remain indexed.

I have tried using the following but it does not appear to function or trigger correctly. Can you suggest any other workarounds that would allow us to target keyword search result pages only?

{if ((pageproperty['pageid'] eq 'search') && (pageproperty['title'] = 'search')) }

Hi Andy,

I have tested your script and there is a problem in the second statement. It should be:

(pageproperty['title'] eq 'search'))

This resulted in the meta tag being propagated to the search pages.

Please test it and let me know if this is what you meant.



Will do. Fairly obvious now you’ve highlighted the issue :smile:

Thanks for that.