Brand Page == Search Page

Hey guys,

I am replacing our search engine with a custom script, but I am running into some issues…

In order to make our new search engine work as quickly as possible, I wrapped the {IfThereAre products} loop (Product Listing template) with {if (pageproperty['pageid'] ne 'search')}. Everything works as I want it to on the search results page, but I discovered that the brand pages are broken. So I took a look, and discovered that the pageid of the brand pages is search, instead of brand.

What I need is for the brand pages’ pageid to equal brand instead. This would allow me to use the conditional statement in the template to disable the {ifThereAre products} loop ONLY on the search results page. The NitroSell loop works fine for brand pages, so I do not wish to disable the loop on that page.

Can we please make this distinction so that I can utilize our new search engine seamlessly?

Hi Derek,

On search pages there are other pageproperty values you can use: ‘searchbrand’ and ‘searchtheme’, which will be non-empty on their respective pages.


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