NitroSell Shipping Configuration Improvement

We are glad to announce a new feature. We have enhanced the shipping configuration interface with a new interface allowing the grouping of states. These groups can be assigned to different shipping methods and rules.

This can be useful where your shipping carriers provides pricing bands across the US or other country with zones. For example, if your store is on the west coast and shipping to the east coast costs you more, you can now create a new zone for each coast that reflects your actual costs.

States can only belong to one group. For example, if you associate Alaska and American Samoa to ‘Group 1’ then they cannot be associated with any other group.

The following posts explain how to use the new interface.

Where to find the New Interface

The new improved shipping interface is found in the WebStore Manager under Shipping & Taxes.

We currently have 3 states where shipping is discounted so WS checks three rule variants to determine shipping cost. Would it speed up checkout the put all three in 1 group so it only looks at one condition instead?

Hi Derek,

This interface will help retailers to configure the shipping options in the Web Store Manager but it doesn’t affect how the store handles the shipping on the checkout.

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Does anyone have example rules that they are using that they could share with me on shipping costs? Can I speak to someone with more knowledge about this matter?