Shipping Configurator 201: Assign a Shipping Method to a Group

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Assign a Shipping Method to a Group

To assign a shipping method to a group you can use the same interface that was already in place.

A new option has been added to the pop up. When you add a shipping method it can be made available to a group.

This will add the shipping method chosen to the list. If the option ‘Show shipping methods grouped’ is enable then only one line will be added. If not there will be one line for each state.

If states are grouped, changing the shipping integration or adding rules will affect to all the states in the group. If a state is added later to the group, then this state will have that shipping method and carrier too.

If the state are not grouped you can still assign the shipping carrier to the group use the checkbox that will appear in the pop up. Nonetheless, we recommend that if you are going to work with groups you enable the option ‘Show shipping methods grouped’. If not remember to refresh the page to see the changes reflected in the interface.

States can only be assigned a shipping method once. It is possible using the interface to create a shipping method only available to a particular state then later create a group with the state in it. When you do this, the original shipping method will be the one offered to your customers.