Need to show Sub-Total in Cart/Checkout Total Table

On the cart and checkout pages, I want to show the cart sub-total (ie total of all products BEFORE shipping fee is added) in the final total table.
This sub-total can be seen in the side cart of our store (see screenshot). But the {ns:getSubTotalBasketPrice} variable being used in the side cart does NOT work in cart/checkout total page. When I put {ns:getSubTotalBasketPrice} in cart page totals it shows the total INCLUDING shipping charge instead of pre-shipping total.

Is there a variable or another way to show the desired sub-total?

I need subtotal visible so customer knows how much more to spend to get to $150 (which gives customer free shipping)

Your best bet here is to use jQuery to copy the subtotal into that DIV.

If you’d like to open a ticket, I’m sure the design team could assist.

Thanks Donogh, I’ve created a ticket for this issue, someone from the dev team added the subtotal to the cart totals panel with {ns:getSubTotalBasketPrice}. However when a shipping fee is active, the subtotal ADDS this shipping fee into the subtotal (ie = total of products in cart + shipping fee). This seems like a bug as surely the subtotal should be just total of products before shipping? Please see the screenshot to see what I mean.

Heres the code in cart panel

That’s definitely a bug, Django. Please mention in the ticket that I asked it be escalated to dev for a fix. You can refer to this thread.

Ok thanks Donogh, I have added this link to the ticket.