Modifying & Removing Custom Attributes (PAM)

I found a column/attribute named ‘SpoofStock’ in the ‘nitroasl_pamtable’ table. Its type is currently set to ‘Checkbox (true/false)’. I would like to either modify the type to be ‘Integer’, or remove the attribute and create a new one that suits my needs.

How can I modify an attribute type? How can I remove an attribute?

I know I can change it via the SQL Management Studio, but can I do this in PAM?

You may remove the SpoofStock Attribute from the nitroasl_pamtable table as seen below :

Having deleted the boolean column, you could add a new integer column. Assuming you call it SpoofStock, you could then change your product_stock mapping to:

case when SpoofStock > 0 then SpoofStock else (quantity-quantitycommitted) end

If SpoofStock is set, it will use that value, otherwise it will use the RMS default.

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Thank you guys for your responses. I ended up removing the column via SMS, then setting my field mappings to:

CASE WHEN SpoofStock > 0 THEN (SpoofStock+quantity) ELSE quantity END

@donogh - Good point with the quantitycommited being factored into this figure. I will add that!