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Mass delete columns in PAM

Is there a way to mass delete all of the information in a column? For instance I have a bunch of information that is not relevant for subdescription1 (and subdescriptions 2 and 3 for that matter) At the moment the only thing I can do is click and delete. This is very tedious as I have thousands of sub descriptions I need to delete.

If that is not possible is it possible to lock the column from auto sorting every time I delete subdescription?

I hope that makes sense, it’s difficult to describe exactly what I mean with words.

Hi Christopher,

If you can create a filter so that it contains only those items that you want to delete the data for, it can be done “en masse”. Make sure you are not sorting by the subdescription field though, otherwise weird results happen. So click on the column header of another field eg Description. Then delete the data from subdescription for a row, right click in the empty cell you just made, select copy, then right click again and select “Paste to all rows”. It asks you if you wish to proceed as its “dangerous” - say yes and then it does it! You will see it scroll through all the rows so it can take some time if there are thousands.

Hope that helps,


If you’re looking to delete these columns from thousands of lines then PAM probably isn’t the best option - it has to step-by-step through each one changing the content in your local view, and then update the rows when you click save.

Clearing out all three columns using the items wizard in RMH Manager, or by a straight database query in RMH Administrator, would be far quicker and much less susceptible to crashing.

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@emma massively helpful thank you!

@gareth We’re still using RMS at the moment but will be switching to RMH in a few months. I’ll keep it in mind thank you!

In that case @christopher you could just use the wizard in RMS Manager, or run a SQL statement in RMS Administrator - the functionality is very similar!