Change the Headers in PAM

Hi, I’m trying to change the headers in PAM from the generic ‘subcategory1’ to, in my case say ‘producer’. I have several that i need to change, i’ve seen it done, but looking for a refresher on how to do it.

Hi Will,

I’m afraid that attributes such as Subcategory1 cannot have their names changed as they come directly from the RMS database. What you can do to make your work easier is to add a new attribute of the same type with a different name. It won’t be shown in your RMS Store Operations Manager but you can use it to synchronize with your webstore.
Please take a look at this video as it details on how to create new PAM attributes.



Hi Will and Peter,

I think it was 2012 we had this changed by Nitrosell. There is a text file, that I can’t recall the name of that will change the name in the PAM only. The downside is you need to remember what each sub-description relates to.

I hope this helps.