Landing Pages for Select Categories

In the menu for our store, we have listings for tops, bottoms, and accessories in the Men’s and Women’s departments. These links are not clickable and don’t have landing pages. You can click on the categories listed below them, T-shirt’s and Tanks, Wovens and Knits, etc. When you click on those links, it will take you to the category and show you all the products. Is it possible to create content pages that only list select categories like T-shirt’s and Tanks, Wovens and Knits, and Sweatshirts and Hoodies? Can content pages list categories, departments, and products (without using carousels)? Or do we have to restructure our products so we have categories like Tops and subcategories like T-shirt’s and Tanks?

Hi Naomi,

We will contact you in detail in the ticket that you opened on our portal but the best way to achieve this might be to change your navigation structure and create corresponding content pages to include texts, non-item images etc.