Item Navigation Assignment on PAM


Would it be possible for you to add a “Remove All” option to the right hand column in Item Navigation Assignment in PAM as you already have a “Add All” button on the left? We add our sale items this way and it would make it much easier to remove them if we had this option.



I agree. This would be a great option to have. I also use this a lot for our sale pages, too.


Hi Guys - Any signs of this happening? It would be extremely useful for our webstore.



The Remove All button is great but this only works if you want to remove all the items in the second Department/category. I have a retailer who needs to remove items from the second Department/Category but because there is no way to Filter out the right side, it displays all items in the second department and then you have to remove either 1 item at a time or all.

There should either be a filter within this section, or once you have all items on the right side, it should allow you to select multiple lines, like in windows, click on one item, hold the SHIFT key down and click on the last item in the range and then you should be able to click remove.

Please let me know if this can be added as it’s quite important for my retailer.

Thank you

I would definitely agree with this – this would be of a lot of use to us.



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I strongly agree too re the filter and feel the whole thing would benefit from a review of usability.
I would add its really quite a dangerous function as there is no separate “commit” phase so if you accidentally add or remove all, its a nightmare to correct it. Also it shows inactive and non web live products on the RHS (but no visual clue they are inactive) so thats confusing. Also, when trying to remove items it errors if this is the items primary department - would be much more useful to be able to overide that and remove anyway.


Hi @emma, @info18, @isaac,

Thank you for your feedback. I will bring this up with the development team.



Hi Peter,

Any update from the development team on this?