Inventory Export

I’m looking for a way to have all of my inventory data accessible in a CSV file which would include the following; Barcodes(UPC or EAN), ASIN, SKU. I can do Inventory Reports in RMS Store Manager but it doesn’t include aliases just one Item Lookup Code. Is is possible to highlight all of the inventory rows is PAM and then right click to copy and then just paste into Excel? Any suggestions?

I can do an Item Alias List in Store Manager and the code listed below in Store Administrator or SQL Server Management Studio but the problem I’m running into now is that per Alias it wants to create another row. I need these to be all on the same row. Any advice on how to move each Alias into the same row for the same product?

SELECT Alias.Alias, Alias.ItemID, Item.ID, Item.ItemLookupCode
FROM Alias LEFT JOIN Item ON Alias.ItemID = Item.ID


To break down aliases into separate columns using a pivot function would be the most beneficial with max(alias.itemid) as an aggregate function.