Adding Data To RMH and Nitrosell


I have a few excel sheets that contain data that needs to be pushed into RMH. One of the spreadsheets contains upc’s. There is not a wizard for Importing data into the alias field in RMH. Is it possible to make a field mapping to PAM for adding alias/upc? Any other ways to add data?

I have another spreadsheet that contains a pretty large number of new products, Is there an import/export tool/software that allows pushing data into RMH? There isn’t an “add new products” wizard.

This is a few examples of information that I need to get into the RMH database. Thoughts?

I found the “Spreadsheet Importation” and ran a test. The tool will update descriptions and other information but will not add new items to the database when you perform an import. I’d think it’s possible to import new product if this tool was developed a little bit more.

Is there a SQL tool that is available for importing into RMH database? I have a test database…

Hi John,

In general, with our software, we tend to treat the POS data as sacred, and we only provide mechanisms to update data, or add supplementary fields.

Creating item records directly in the database can be a little dangerous for data integrity – for example you’d have to think about the item movement history report, and the proper handling of transfer ins, etc. It’s more complicated than it might seem.

RMS did have an import utility; I haven’t heard of one for RMH; that’s not to say it doesn’t exist.

I’d suggest contacting RMH directly: Contact | Retail Management Hero POS



I have successfully imported new records into RMs using the Quick Sell Commerce Import tool. I have not used it extensively so you will need to proceed with caution.

A zip file of the software and import templates can be downloaded here: Retail Technologies for QuickSell Commerce, 2000 and Headquarters Point of Sale POS Solutions

Good Luck,
Michael Drew

I’ve already upgraded to RMH, I think the tables are different… I’ll try it on a test DB and see… Thanks

They’re very similar. It should work. Thanks @mdrew!

I get the following error when I run QSCimp

Unfortunately, we cannot support a tool that is not written/supplied by us. Maybe someone else has run into this problem?

I’d suggest trying to run it in compatibility mode. Worth a shot!

I got it to work. Thanks