How do I embed Google Calendar on my webstore?

Above is an example of Google Calendar embedded in a WebStore

To embed this on your webstore you go to Webstore Manager-> Design and Content-> Pages. Create a tabbed page and name it Calendar.

To Edit the HTML of this page, click on the HTML Button.

Insert the code which can get from Google see this link for instructions. The code will be something like this:

<iframe src=";ctz=America/New_York" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" height="570" width="660"></iframe>

To display events from multiple calendars in the same embedded calendar, follow the instructions from Google to access the Google Embeddable Calendar Helper. Keep in mind that because the Weather Calendar pulls data based on your own settings, information from this calendar will not display if embedded on your website.

Please note that you can change the amount of information available on your calendar’s address by clicking the Change sharing settings link in the Calendar Address section.

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